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Global Ecumenism is an unbiblical movement based upon and centered around “unity.” But just what type of unity is this? (Read more.....)

Writing from the standpoint of being a one time “theological buddy” of Paul Young, author of The Shack, James De Young notes that the “the most serious error is Paul’s embrace of Universal Reconciliation which lies imbedded in the book.”[15]  (Read more......)

February 8, 2018

The editors of B.A.N.A.S.H. believe that it is essential for God’s people to be well informed concerning the false teachings that are currently infiltrating the Church at an unprecedented rate. Sadly many Believers have little or no desire to gain knowledge about the m...

Taking a stand from a biblical perspective with regard to purpose-driven-emerging Christianity is not very popular these days. Those working towards establishing the kingdom and “getting closer to Jesus” through contemplative practices rooted in eastern mysticism are v...

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