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Evolution is more than an alternative to the creation story. Evolution is not just a scientific concept; it is a spiritual worldview. (read more......)

A psychological worldview encompasses how people think about themselves and others in terms of who they are, how they act and feel, why they act and feel the way they do, and how to change in terms of thoughts, feelings, and behaviour from a godless perspective. (Read...

Global Ecumenism is an unbiblical movement based upon and centered around “unity.” But just what type of unity is this? (Read more.....)

Christians often use the phrase, “The spirit of the age.” By it we refer to certain attitudes and values in society. This prevailing “spirit” can either be that influenced by biblical standards or by atheistic secularism, or something in between. (Read more......)

Writing from the standpoint of being a one time “theological buddy” of Paul Young, author of The Shack, James De Young notes that the “the most serious error is Paul’s embrace of Universal Reconciliation which lies imbedded in the book.”[15]  (Read more......)

Consistent with the allegory’s antiauthoritarian and antinomian bent, The Shack defines sin as abandoning relationship. (Read More......)

Reconciliation means a change in “relationship.”[2] The need for reconciliation presupposes estrangement between two parties (read more.....)

Contemplative prayer is a meditative prayer method that has recently experienced a renaissance; this particular ‘prayer’ technique is very similar to other prayer methods used in Lectio Divina,  'Christian Yoga' and Prayer labyrinths; the origins of contemporary contem...

Great Britain was once considered to be great nation under God, because of its worldwide influence in spreading the Christian gospel. British missionaries took the gospel across the world, to China, Africa, North America and India. Bibles societies translated, printed...

Many Christians are suffering from the ravages of life and are unnecessarily caught up in the psychological counseling system. When people are suffering from problems of living related to feeling, thinking and behaving, the usual response is to refer the person to psyc...

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