The Tragedy of Suicide
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The Tragedy of Suicide

In 1896 D. L. Moody wrote, "There is that other kind of murder that is increasing at an appalling rate among us -- suicide. There have been infidels in all ages who have advocated it as a justifiable means of release from trial and difficulty; yet thinking men, as far back as Aristotle, have generally condemned it as cowardly and unjustifiable under any conditions. No man has the right to take his own life from such motives any more than he has the life of another." (From "Weighed and Wanting" by D. L. Moody; Published in 1896)

Mr. Moody, you should see what is happening today! It is beyond appalling. We live in a death-fascinated society. "How To" books are being written on means and methods of suicide. These books describe drugs you can use and how they will affect you. They give step by step instructions on the use of razor blades, guns, hanging, drowning and drugs for self-murder. There are an ever increasing number of songs being written and openly performed pounding home lyrics that advocate the "suicide solution." Millions of these records are sold legally. Case and point, Ozzie Ozborne's "Suicide Solution." Youth and adults are making "suicide pacts" and killing themselves. "Cluster" suicides are an alarming new phenomena (chain suicides, one after another, in the same vicinity over a relatively short period of time).
Millions of people, Christians and non-Christians, are attempting suicide and tragically thousands of people are successfully taking their lives. Likely 30, 000 or more people will successfully kill themselves this year. Even more alarming are the statistics that reveal the skyrocketing 400% increase in teenage suicides in the past decade. One study I came across said the average teenager thinks of death every eight minutes, often death by suicide. I PRAY HIS INFORMATION IS WRONG. According to Dr. Seymour Perlin, chairman of the board of the new Youth Suicide National Center in Washington D.C. This year we will see 2, 000,000 teenagers attempt suicide. That's 5, 479 per day! Suicide is the #2 killer of teenagers.     (read more......)